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Real-Time Monitoring

Unlimited social data from top networks and nearly 4 million RSS feeds in over 20 languages in real time.

Channel Dashboards

Channel Dashboards

NUVI's clean dashboards keep track of followers, engagement, impressions and demographics.

Custom Reports

Custom Reporting

Create interactive, accurate, and detailed PDF reports that are easy to share with your clients, executives and team.

Mobile Alerts

Mobile Alerts

Stay connected on the go. Customize text or email alerts to notify you of important developments.

Stunning Social Media Visualizations

Real-time data visualizations are what set NUVI apart. Beautiful, insightful, data-driven designs will fuel your strategy and guide your decision-making process. Our visualizations are designed to provide actionable insights as quickly as possible to key decision makers.

Nuvi App
Nuvi App
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Monitoring is a critical piece of the social puzzle that NUVI makes simple. With NUVI you can monitor more than just keywords. Get to know your audience with group and topic monitors that make it easy to see what is being said, the sentiment surrounding the conversation and the influence of each post. Lead the conversation and respond quickly when needed.

Track any keyword, phrase, hashtag, URL, or combination of these search terms and find the relevant posts across top channels including Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook through annonimized and aggregate topic data.

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Nuvi App
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Spend less time worrying about the number of rows your spreadsheet can handle and more time focused on the insights the social conversation carries. NUVI makes social intelligence clean and interactive.

Don't get lost reading each individual post. Make informed marketing desicions with sentiment, keyword, influencer and competive analysis.

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Reporting doesn't have to be a four letter word. But when you spend 75% of your day trying to figure out how to report on the social content that you spent 25% of your day producing, you might need NUVI.

NUVI’s reporting tool takes the pain out of reporting and gives you data and numbers that your C-level executives or clients enjoy. Like any good reporting tool, you can customize the reports and hit the sweet spot between data and visuals.

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Nuvi App
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Whether you want to respond to a negative tweet in real time or schedule a post to hit when you are supposed to be on a beach a month from now, NUVI's got your back.

Publish and schedule content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one platform.

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