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Chances are, you manage a social audience that demands the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, with the perfect blend of marketing genius and real-speak social etiquette. If you don't know anything about your audience, it's safe to say that you aren't hitting the social sweetspot.

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Data is only as powerful as the insights you discover.

At the end of the day, having enormous amounts of data deoesn't mean you have all the insights you need to drive your social strategy forward. A good analysis tool is what gives your data its true value. Whether you are an excel wiz or have a stack of tools to help with analysis, we think we offer a better way. NUVI allows you to see the insights that really move the needle.

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Trending Topics

See trending topics, concepts, hashtags and keywords in real time. Know when a trend started and what social post triggered the latest sensation.


Identify and engage with top influencers. NUVI ranks users based on their their ability to drive action and when you share something on social media, and people respond, that’s influence.


Share, Share, Share. See the impact of your campaign and it's ability to come to life through social sharing. Who is driving the conversation, from influencers to most active, most mentioned, fans & detractors.

Competitive Analysis

Stay a step ahead of your competition by knowing when they post, what they post and how engaging their content truly is. Compare up to 10 different topics against each other, for any time period.


Feel what your audience feels with NUVI's Smart Sentiment. Understand sentiment in 15 languages including: English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and more.


Search, filter and target by geography. NUVI’s social-media map visualization places posts at their geographic point of origin around the globe. Locate the city, state or country that is talking about you and your brand, and then take control.


Your customers are talking. With NUVI, you can monitor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+, Reddit, and 3 million RSS feeds for more actionable insights about about you and your competition.

You tell NUVI what you want to monitor and it will keep track of the conversation. It will even let you know if something's amiss or when you get a win with text alerts. Then, you can share with your team.


No matter how good you are, followers, fans and engagement levels flucuate over time. NUVI's analysis tool helps you understand engagement, see volume, understand timing, post popularity and audience demographics.

Let NUVI help you keep your trend lines moving up and to the right.


See all of your social posts in one place. Which one had the most engagement? Which one flopped and why? NUVI's intuitive dashboards walk you through the health of your social strategy and enpower you to make decisions that define your brand.

Because there are no limits to the keywords or monitors that you create, you can truly understand your audience.


Data and the insights you draw from it are only as good as your ability to execute strategic campaigns. Don't lose momentum, jumping from one platform to the next. NUVI unifies your social stack and helps you bring these valuable insights to life.

Your social strategy requires you to be proactive, not reactive. Let NUVI help.

“We use NUVI because it gives us real-time insights and a unique perspective on the brand perception for our clients and their competitors. As a leading digital creative agency, our clients expect us to be always connected. With NUVI, we are more knowledgable, more proactive, more engaged and a better partner to our clients.”

-Daniel Connor, Struck

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Managing each of the variables that come with a social strategy doesn't mean you need 10 tools. Cut throught the noise with insights from industry leading technology that doesn't require a data scientist.

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