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Socially intelligent brands leverage social media throughout their entire organization.
NUVI is the tool that makes it possible.

The ultimate platform to activate and enable social intelligence throughout your organization.

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Brand and Product Management

Your current and prospective customers are talking, sharing, liking, and even criticizing you across various social media channels. Are you listening?

NUVI empowers brands with:

  • Instant customer response and engagement
  • Insight into competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Influencer and detractor identification and engagement
  • Research insights for future campaigns in real time.
  • Beautiful dashboards and reports for Command Centers as well as your mobile device
  • Immediate product development insight and feedback
  • Real-time campaign insights from the world's largest, unfiltered focus group (social media)
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Brand Management

Today’s consumer uses sources on social media to make up their mind about what products they're going to buy, even before stepping into a store or putting an item in their online shopping cart.

  • Identify buyers early in the purchase process
  • Answer questions and build relationships online in a cost-effective way
  • Capitalize on negative sentiment toward your competitors
  • Educate the consumer on the benefits of your product and services without spending millions
  • Leverage word of mouth and enable brand evangelists to market for you

Customer Support

Customers no longer want to wait on hold, or get transferred ten times before speaking to someone that can really help them. They want instant response, and human empathy, and the brands that provide that kind of support, win.

NUVI empowers customer support teams with:

  • Real-time consumer engagement and instant response
  • Low cost capability to support a large number of consumers in real-time
  • Influencer and sentiment analysis to focus and prioritize response efforts

Human Resources

Social media is enabling brands to reveal their human side and develop relationships with customers, analysts, employees, and communities in amazing ways. NUVI is an effective tool for HR/Community Management by:

  • Identifying and recruiting potential new talent
  • Empowering employees to represent your brand and share your content within their networks
  • Monitoring employees’ public conversations and identify areas of concern
  • Understand what your employees’ interests are outside of work and promote their talents
  • Interact and engage with the communities your brand is located within or has an impact on

Marketing and Advertising Insight

The wild wild west of social media has changed marketing and advertising dramatically. You can now reach an incredibly large audience nearly instantly, with a smaller capital investment than ever before. NUVI enhances all your marketing efforts (not just social) by enabling:

  • Instant market research to direct your integrated marketing campaign strategy
  • Campaign monitoring in real-time so adjustments can be made if necessary
  • Campaign ROI measurement as the campaign progresses and after it completes
  • Trend analysis and identification to capitalize on opportunities before they’re gone
  • Demographic insights to craft the most effective message for your target market

Public and Investor Relations

In the digital world, word travels at the speed of light. Brands, executives, and stock values can be boosted or busted within hours, or sometimes even minutes. Using NUVI, brands can:

  • Monitor all mentions of your brand, products, people, stock price, and market segment in real-time
  • Be alerted via email or SMS when there is a significant change in sentiment, volume, or other variables
  • Respond immediately to the sources of negative news, to put out fires before they blaze out of control
  • Empower influencers to spread and share positive news for you
  • Stay on top of competitor reputations and even stock prices to capitalize on opportunities quickly
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