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Great people. Great business. Great place.

Contrary to some work places you may see, you won't see us lead with a pool table, arcade, or trust falls. Don't get us wrong, we like to have fun. But fun is working with great people to accomplish something extraordinary. And that is what is happening.

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Life at NUVI

Situated in The Silicon Slopes just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, NUVI is one of the fastest growing social media analytics and engagement companies in the market. We love technology, social media, and the great outdoors. Our office has panoramic views of the Wasatch Mountains and with Utah's four equally-balanced seasons, there is a wide variety of fantastic adventures within less than an hour’s drive. Oh, and the cost of living is pretty great too.

The Right Tools

On day one, you get a desk (seated or standing), a chair (even if you work standing), a Macbook, a couple monitors, a phone, and necessary swag to do what you do.

Health and Wellness

We offer health, vision, dental and life to meet your needs. Ten official company holidays and earned time-off each month. Treats (healthy and sweet) abound. Drinks for days. We are a relatively active bunch and encourage healthy living and physical activity. NUVI sponsors company soccer, softball, basketball teams and more.

Catered Lunch Tuesday

Every Tuesday, leave the lunch at home. You will enjoy a weekly, catered company meeting every Tuesday at noon. Caterers have included Zupas, Cubby's, Bam Bam's, Chic-fil-a, Cafe Rio and more.


We are a team. We work together and hold each other to a high standard.

Customer Focused/Competitive

We listen to our customers and work hard for them. The other meaning behind the letter "C" is competitive. Inside the office we push each other in a positive way, knowing that giving our best leads to positive company-wide and personal results. We compete in our industry and plan to be the best option for our consumer.


You will quickly see from our work space, there is nothing to hide and a lot to learn from everyone. Our open work space supports the accountable, competitive and collaborative culture.

Our Executive Team

This is the right group to lead NUVI. Behind their leadership, NUVI is doing great things. Working at NUVI is a great opportunity, and these individuals are providing the direction for it.

  • Keith Nellesen


  • Brett Allred


  • Cameron Jensen


  • Stuart Dean

    EVP Business Development

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