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Social Media is at the heart of real-time journalism.

No one waits for the 5 o'clock news anymore. Discover, understand, and relay the story as it unfolds, in real time. NUVI provided analysis to CNN during the George Zimmerman trial, showing that public sentiment shifted from negative in the morning, to positive in the afternoon, as people began to sympathize with the key witness Rachel Jeantel.

Visualize Real Time

Stay in Front of the Story

News travels nearly instantly via social media. Every citizen with a smart phone is a photographer, videographer, commentator, comedian, and critic. Breaking news hits hundreds, thousands, or even millions of eyes before traditional news sources can capture and validate it via traditional sources. NUVI is the perfect tool to help you identify, verify, and contribute to the stories happening every minute.

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Engage with Viewers on a Personal Level

People don’t want to be talked at, they want to be communicated with. They don’t want to be told a story, they want to experience it and participate in it. News organizations must cultivate genuine connections with their communities and interact with them on a personal level. NUVI gives News Media the platform to understand your audience and engage with them effectively.

Tell the Story, Visually

One of NUVI’s core strengths is its real-time data visualizations that are ideal for sharing on the web, on mobile, and on the big screen. Integrate NUVI into your news delivery whether its print, digital, or on TV and enhance your ability to tell the story to your viewer in a way that is appealing, engaging, and insightful.

Empower the Citizen Journalist

Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame. Individuals have the digital tools to capture and share the stories as they happen, and you can provide the outlet and the audience to expose their content to the masses. Identify and encourage the influencers to share their content with you and help promote the content that you create. NUVI will help you find the connectors and the mavens and allow you to share the stories with the widest audience possible.

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