NUVI is the perfect social media listening and engagement platform for you, regardless of your size.

Your budget is limited, but your goals are aggressive. NUVI is the platform that will amplify your efforts on social media with limited investment in both time and money.

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Social Media is a Powerful Platform for Causes

Find the donors, volunteers, supporters, fans and promoters you need to grow your non-profit. In order to stay on top of industry news, it is critical to listen and increase engagement on different social platforms. NUVI has the power to help.

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Insightful and Instant Market Research

Quickly analyze hundreds or even thousands of conversations related to your cause and uncover actionable insights to help you make the right decisions. Identify key influencers and develop relationships, monitor sentiment for and against your cause, and measure how well the messages you share are resonating with people.


NUVI is an enterprise-class monitoring and analytics platform, priced at a point even budget-strapped agents of change like you can afford. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ll help you. We want you to be successful, even if you are your entire army.

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Managing each of the variables that come with a social strategy doesn't mean you need 10 tools. Cut throught the noise with insights from industry leading technology that doesn't require a data scientist.

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