Reporting can finally be the best part about your job.

See the data come to life. Geek out over the numbers. Get excited about newly discovered insights. But whatever you do, don't spend hours generating reports.

Save Time

Reporting can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

NUVI's clean reporting interface is clean, easy to use and insightful. We don't want you to spend 1 minute more than you have to generating reports. It's almost like we had you in mind when we built our reporting studio.

Ditch the spreadsheets, the intern, or whatever you are currently using and see what reportings looks like the NUVI way.

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Pulling data about all of your profiles, posts and social interactions can be a daunting task. NUVI's reporting tool brings everything together in one easy to read PDF report.


There is nothing worse than saying too much or too little when you have a client or boss to please. Get it just right with PDF reports that you can edit on the fly.


Pivot tables, SQL databases and vlookups are a thing of the past. Don't worry, you can still geek out over the numbers, charts and diagrams. We just do the leg work for you.


In the extremely dynamic social world in which you live, automation can be a scary word. But trust us on this one. With NUVI's reports you can just set it and forget it. Get reports in your inbox when you need them.


You should never need to create the same report twice. Just tell NUVI what you want to see and when you want to see it and voilà.


We want you to look like a star. To help you tell your story, we offer whitelabeled reports if you have clients or superiors that you need to impress.

Customize your reports

Good reports are a catalyst for action. NUVI's automated and customizable reports put you in control.

Your time is too valuable to spend hours moving boxes around in Word or PowerPoint. You’re too brilliant to be reading tweets individually and screen-capturing them into an email. With NUVI you can select the content and numbers that you want to share and hit send.

Automate your reports

Let's be honest, creating those weekly recap reports is one of those things you have to do, not one of those things you want to do.

At NUVI, we want you to love your job and look awesome at the same time. Tell us when your report needs to go out and who it needs to go to and we'll take care of the rest.

Focus on what matters most

More important than the numbers in your reports, are the variables that drive the numbers forward.

We'll help you identify the things that are truly moving your business forward and give you the tools you need to execute your social strategy.

"NUVI has allowed us to track online mentions for a number of different clients in different industries. We stress the importance of online monitoring to businesses that we work with but I don't think they become true believers until we show them a few of the reports that we generate through NUVI. These reports are also a great way to source social media content and identify influencers."

-Brian Siddle, Director of Content at Strong Coffee Marketing

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Managing each of the variables that come with a social strategy doesn't mean you need 10 tools. Cut throught the noise with insights from industry leading technology that doesn't require a data scientist.

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